During my pregnancy, I suffered from lower back pain. Then, in my last trimester, I developed sciatica which caused constant pain to radiate downward into my legs, with numbness in my toes and feet. I was desperate for relief and went to see Dr. Grayson. Using various chiropractic therapies, he treated me for three months and eliminated the pain completely. Needless to say, I am most grateful. Two children later, I continue to receive regular spinal adjustments and so do each of my children.
Laurie Costa, PhD

Dr. Grayson and his entire staff are a set of excellent people, always helpful and kind.
Keep up the good work!
Tom Ross

During the mid-80’s, I came to Dr. Grayson with terrible lower back and sciatica pain. Dr. Grayson gave me a series of treatments known as spinal decompression. I underwent six weeks of treatments which were totally painless. By the end of the fourth week, the pain and numbness were completely gone. The Doc informed me that the proof of our success would be how I felt in six months or a year. A few months after the treatments – no pain and no numbness. Thank you…Thank you!
Bill Cuva

Dr. Grayson is a thoroughly knowledgeable and committed chiropractor who offers an extremely high level of care to his patients. Be thankful you have found yourself here.
Matt Spatz

I was certain that surgery was my last hope and only option left – until I visited Dr. Grayson. The severe pain I experienced in my lower back was caused by a herniated disc. His devotion and knowledge of Chiropractic Care was so helpful. He created a mixture of treatments that went to the root of each problem area. He released the pain and I never underwent surgery. Dr. Grayson is my primary wellness contributor and I would therefore recommend him to even the most challenged chiropractic patients.”
Ed Barry


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